Uncertainty modelling provides clarity for decision makers by articulating what drives value and how the decisions we make affect that value. This insight uniquely empowers us to 

  • Optimize return for a given level of risk

  • Reduce costs by concentrating resources on the things that matter to value

  • Explain decisions and report on residual uncertainties


By building simple models of strategic investment options, we can look to ensure our strategic decisions give us line of sight to upside scenarios while protecting us from downside threats and vulnerabilities. 

Quantitative risk management enables rigorous cost-benefit analysis of mitigations and controls, as well as coherent portfolio level view that captures both upside potential and pernicious downside correlations lost to traditional methods. 

Portfolio optimization is all about ensuring that our level of exposure to risk is justified by the expected return. Quantitative modelling is fundamental both to the analysis of risk across a portfolio of assets and investments, and the understanding of potential  across a portfolio  of investment options

The quantitative analysis of decisions - including decisions to acquire information, adopt flexibility, hedge or wager, ensures the best use of the data and expertise available and provides a framework for multiple stakeholders and subject matter experts to pitch in.

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